What Did You Learn?
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  What is an Udder
Arrow What is an udder? Why is it important?
Arrow What is meant by udder conformation? Why is it important?
  Udder Anatomy
Arrow Why are skin and subcutaneous tissue important?
What is subcutaneous tissue?
Arrow What is the MSL and why is it important?
Arrow What is the lateral suspensory ligament and why is it important?
Arrow What is a pendulous udder and why is it a problem?
Arrow What is the streak canal and why is it important?
Arrow What is keratin and why is it important?
Arrow What is Furstenburg's rosette and why is it important?
Arrow What is the teat cistern?
Arrow What is the gland cistern? What does it do?
Arrow How does milk get to the gland cistern?
Arrow What are alveoli? Why are they important?


The Milk Production Process
Arrow How is milk released from the cow?
Arrow What effect does the hormone, adrenalin, have on the milk production process? What might you do to cause the release of adrenalin?
Arrow How does a milking machine work?
Arrow What are the two conflicting forces used to protect the cow during milking?
  Teat End Condition
Arrow Why is maintaining a healthy teat important?
Arrow What causes hyperkeratosis?
Arrow How can bovine teat papillomatosis or teat warts be prevented?
Arrow What are the symptoms of bovine herpes mammillitis? How is it spread from cow to cow? When is the disease most likely to occur?
Arrow When are cows most likely to develop pseudocowpox?
Arrow How can you prevent teat injuries?
Arrow What effect does cold weather have on teat end condition?
Arrow What's the best way to use a teat dip in cold weather?

How are emollients helpful?



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